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Election Verification With RHTi

RHTi enables a meaningful and transparent audit trail that lets anyone independently verify the election results down to a single vote, without the cost and hassles of VVPAT and other paper ballot systems.


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  1. Prior to the election, the Election Official creates the key that will be used to digitally sign documents throughout the process and defines the election parameters, including the number of Tabulation Authorities.
  2. The Tabulation Authorities meet and create the keys that will be used to shuffle and decrypt the ballots after the election.
  3. After all the ballot styles have been approved, the Election Official digitally signs and publishes the cryptographic blank ballots and public key data.


  1. Voters vote as they would normally on an electronic voting machine.
  2. Once they have made all of their selections they can choose to finish, which results in a simple ballot cast receipt or optionally create a detailed receipt that will allow them to verify their votes after the election. Voters can choose to verify all or just some of the races on the ballot.
  3. After the election, voters can confirm their vote was delivered correctly and counted properly by comparing their receipt with the county election website or by telephone.
  1. The Tabulation Authorities come back together to shuffle and decrypt the encrypted ballot box into plain text anonymous ballots.
  2. The Election Official will tabulate the results from the shuffled and decrypted ballots. Once the results have been tabulated the Election Official will verify the results by auditing the Election Transcript, created from all the data throughout the election process. By reviewing the proofs, the election official has indisputable proof that all votes made it safely from the ballot box to the final count.
  3. After the audit is complete, the Election Transcript will be digitally signed and posted for any interested party to audit and recount the election results themselves.