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RHTi Introduction

RHTi proves election results are valid end-to-end. RHTi is voter-verified audit technology that works inside any electronic voting machine (DRE) and provides two things:

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Private Voter-verified Receipt
A voter-verified receipt to confirm your vote was counted properly.
Independent Audit of
the Election TranscriptT

An Election Transcript that anyone
can use verify election results.
Voter Confidence
Results Confidence

Why is end-to-end voter verification important?
Today, our election systems rely mostly on procedural safeguards to protect election integrity. Until now, voters have had no way to know if their vote was counted properly in the final election results.

With RHTi, voters are given the option to verify that their vote was counted properly in the final election results. RHTi's voter verified receipt and transparent audit trail prove that every vote counted and that election results are accurate.

Why should I trust the technology inside RHTi?
RHTi does not rely on securing voting machines and other computer systems. Instead, RHTi relies on detecting fraud and mistakes by enabling a meaningful and transparent audit trail with a publicly published Election Transcript. Anyone interested in validating the election results can perform an audit of the Election Transcript. This transparent independent audit reduces the need to trust election equipment and procedures.