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RegisterHere's RemoteVote is a reliable e-voting platform to power sophisticated, secure electronic elections worldwide for public sector elections. Voters can cast ballots via multiple voting channels, the Internet, touchtone telephone, cellular phone, digital TV and kiosks, from anywhere in the world, within a secure environment.

Election administrators and voters alike are able to access the RemoteVote system 24 hours, 7 days a week, allowing extensive reach to voters of all ages and abilities whether at home, the office, libraries, kiosks or network-configured polling stations.

RemoteVote Features

Multiple voting channel support: Internet, touchtone phone, cellular phone, digital TV and kiosk Internet voting via a standard web browser Secure voter access using created or custom PIN codes Customized ballot creation, including multiple ballot styles and voter groups support Multi-channel integration API Write-in candidates support Alternate single-byte language ballots Real-time monitoring of voter turnout and election statistics Election audit trail produced at the close of each election

Key Benefits

Access Anywhere
RemoteVote's Web-based interface provides for "anywhere" e-voting access to election administration, management, tabulation, and reporting with advanced toolset and formatting features. Full-scale elections are created in real time using credential-based administrative access, where multiple elections can be managed simultaneously. Customization tools allow for full control of ballot creation, style and layout.

Customized Ballot
Using configurable settings in the RemoteVote toolset, ballots can be customized to meet the needs of the individual election. Colors, fonts, languages, and layout can all be customized and logos and images can be added as needed. Write-in functionality for candidates and issues is also available. With real-time ballot preview changes can be determined quickly.

Voters are able to cast ballots to RemoteVote via multiple voting channels: the Internet, touch-tone telephone, cellular phone, digital TV and kiosks, whichever is the most convenient for them.

To simplify the voting process, RemoteVote does not require voters to install complicated applications or plug-ins. When accessing RemoteVote via the Internet, voters access the election through a secure Internet connection and their completed ballots are encrypted and stored within the system.

The security of your election is important; that's why RegisterHere uses patented security to protect elections and their results. Through a combination of industry-standard security practices and methodology, encryption, active election monitoring and best-of-breed IT practices, elections are safe, secure and private.

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