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RegisterHere is proud to partner with leading technology, elections, and service companies to deliver secure multi-channel e-voting solutions worldwide. Each partner opportunity leverages RegisterHere's technology and election experience to ensure that each business relationship delivers the maximum benefits to all customers and end-users.

RegisterHere Partners

These partners are voting machine manufacturers that are working with RegisterHere to integrate RHTi into their voting machines.

The management of Advanced Voting Solutions has had a long and proud tradition in the election industry dating back to 1970. The AVS management's experience includes punch cards (CES Votomatic), optical scan (Global Election Systems', now Diebold Election Systems, AccuVote) and DRE (Global Election Systems' AccuVote-TS). For more information about AVS and RegisterHere collaboration see the press release.

These partners license RegisterHere's secure e-voting technology to provide a full e-election service to the end-user from a dedicated datacenter in the local territory or market segment.

Anite Public Sector is dedicated to meeting the needs of today's modern government and other public service providers. With over 700 installations in more than 300 organizations, they are the UK's leading supplier of IT applications to local government, and a specialist provider of software and consultancy to central government departments and agencies.

The Athena Consortium is a specialist consortium comprised of Anite Public Sector, Citizens Online, and RegisterHere to facilitate e-Democracy in the UK. The Athena Consortium (Athena - the Goddess of Wisdom and patron of Athens, the birthplace of democracy) started supporting the e-Voting pilots in May 2003.

These partners market and sell RegisterHere's election services to end-user organizations in the local territory or market segment.

Today, Votia is one of the world's leading companies within the field of politics, democracy and new technology. As the only European representative, Votia was included on the PoliticsOnline list of the 25 principal actors that influence politics through the use of the Internet. Votia combines knowledge and experience from organizations, commerce and industry in tangible and innovative democracy projects that fortify the influence of employees, citizens and members alike.

The ElectionTRUST is a Third-Party Authority offering innovative balloting solutions for every private sector election challenge. The election management experts and technology The ElectionTRUST employ have successfully managed balloting for millions of voters in associations, corporations, cooperatives, trade unions, credit unions, and political parties. Whether a vote requires a traditional mail-in paper ballot, an interactive telephone ballot, or robust online eBalloting, The ElectionTRUST is dedicated to delivering a simple, fair, efficient, private, and secure election...every time.