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RegisterHere Announces RHTi v2:
Voter Verification and Audit Technology

End-to-end voter-verified receipts
provide election confidence down to a single vote

Bellevue, WA - July 20, 2004 - RegisterHere of Bellevue, Washington, a leading supplier of election security technology, announces RHTiT v2. RHTi is voter-verified audit technology that works inside any electronic voting machine. RHTi proves to each voter that their vote was counted properly and that election results are valid with accuracy down to a single vote.

RegisterHere's RHTi v2 incorporates revolutionary advances in cryptographic technology plus extensive voter, election community, and academic feedback to create a technology that is easy for voters to use, administratively practical, and provides the best election security available today.

RHTi enables election confidence at two levels:

  • First, voters wishing to verify their vote will take home an encrypted voter-verified receipt that can be used to assure their vote was counted properly while maintaining ballot secrecy - a breakthrough in election audit technology.
  • Second, independent third parties can audit the entire election with RHTi's Election TranscriptT, which is published for every election and proves that all ballots were counted properly with accuracy down to a single vote.

"Until now, voters have had no way to know if their vote was counted properly in the final results. For the first time ever, RHTi frees voters from the need to trust voting systems and procedures because RHTi empowers every voter to verify for themselves that their vote was counted properly", says Jim Adler, Founder and CEO of RegisterHere, "and RHTi also enables a meaningful audit of the entire election results that can be checked independently by anyone."

In addition to the publication of the Election Transcript in every election, RegisterHere is committed to 100% transparency in elections and openly publishes all the RHTi cryptography and software source-code for public scrutiny.

With help from a third-party research organization, RegisterHere conducted several voter focus groups in an effort to ensure voter usability. These focus groups included a diverse set of voters including minorities, immigrants, retirees, and others. Results showed that 81% of these voters found RHTi easy to use and 89% felt "more confident" that their vote would be counted properly. Here are some typical comments:

  • "I feel like it is more accurate. I feel secure with it."
  • "I think this is an improvement on the current system because right now I have no idea if my vote counts. With this I do have a verification that my vote was counted."

Earlier today, RegisterHere and Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) announced a cooperative agreement to test RHTi v2 inside AVS WINvoteT electronic touch-screen voting machines during the Fall 2004 elections.

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RegisterHere, Inc. is a global software company, delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1998. RegisterHere offers its partners innovative, secure, reliable, user-friendly cryptographic e-voting solutions to support the growth of e-enabled elections that maintain privacy and ensure election verification. For more information about RegisterHere, visit the company's website at

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