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Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) and RegisterHere Collaborate to Provide Voter Verification

The companies will test voter-verified receipts
in Fall elections

Frisco, TX and Bellevue, WA - July 20, 2004 - Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS), a leading innovator of voting equipment and services, announced a collaboration with RegisterHere, of Bellevue, Washington, a leading supplier of election security technology, to provide a new level of election confidence through voter verification. The companies will test the system during the Fall General Election.

"AVS provides cutting-edge direct recording electronic (DRE) voting solutions, along with comprehensive election support services that are unmatched. By collaborating with RegisterHere, we can now demonstrate in the marketplace end-to-end voter verification and go a long way to increasing voter confidence," said Howard T. Van Pelt, President & CEO, Advanced Voting Solutions.

The joint solution, which incorporates RegisterHere's RHTi verification technology, will allow voters to verify that their vote was recorded properly at the poll site and counted properly in the final election results.

Voters wishing to verify their vote will take home an encrypted voter-verified receipt that can be used to assure their vote was counted properly while maintaining ballot secrecy - a breakthrough in election audit technology. Independent third parties can audit the entire election with RHTi's Election TranscriptT, which proves that all ballots were counted properly, and provides accuracy down to a single vote.

"By adding RHTi verification technology to its voting system, AVS is showing real industry leadership. Voters can get receipts to ensure their votes were properly counted and anyone can audit the election results," said Jim Adler, Founder of RegisterHere.

The combination of RegisterHere's RHTi and Advanced Voting Solutions? WINvoteT provides voters with proof their votes were properly recorded and counted, while keeping their ballot secret-a capability never before possible. The inclusion of RHTi software, which has been openly published for public scrutiny, will add an additional layer of assurance to electronic voting.

About Advanced Voting Solutions, Inc.

The management of Advanced Voting Solutions has had a long and proud tradition in the election industry dating back to 1970. The AVS management's experience includes punch cards (CES Votomatic), optical scan (Global Election Systems', now Diebold Election Systems, AccuVote) and DRE (Global Election Systems' AccuVote-TS). For more information about AVS, visit the company's website at

About RegisterHere RegisterHere, Inc. is a global software company, delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1998. RegisterHere offers its partners innovative, secure, reliable, user-friendly cryptographic e-voting solutions to support the growth of e-enabled elections that maintain privacy and ensure election verification. For more information about RegisterHere, visit the company's website at