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Transparent Security Evaluation of RegisterHere Technology Commences

RHTi Open for Scrutiny at

Bellevue, WA - September 16, 2003 - RegisterHere, Inc. (, a leading global supplier of secure electronic voting technology, today submitted several documents for public and expert examination of RegisterHere?s Election Verification technology, RHTi. The documents are available at

The goal is to establish RegisterHere?s claims for its RHTi election verification technology for new electronic voting systems. It is widely believed that election verification is key to voter confidence.

Taken together, the documents detail the underlying RHTi technology. These documents are:

  • Detecting Malicious Poll Site Voting Clients which describes the voter verification protocol;
  • Verifiable Mixing (Shuffling) of ElGamal Pairs which describes the results verification protocol;
  • RHTi Threat Analysis which provides a comprehensive attack tree with RHTi countermeasures
  • A comprehensive white paper on verifiable e-voting;
  • Diagrams outlining the process and roles for RHTi.

Voter verification ensures that ballots are recorded and cast as the individual voter intended. Results verification produces an irrefutable tally of the ballot box and ensures that each ballot came from a legitimate voter and its intent has not been altered. Together, voter and results verification produce complete election verification ? critical for confidence in any election system.

"Combined, the documentation we've released creates a thorough technical picture of how RHTi provides an unprecedented level of election verification," said Jim Adler, CEO of RegisterHere. "We welcome comments and feedback from the public and experts alike, and hope this level of transparency brings us closer to the confidence in our election systems that the public deserves."

To encourage rigorous, objective review by computer scientists and election experts, the website has agreed to make the materials available. An invitation has gone out to experts from around the country in fields such as computer science, cryptography, and elections urging them to donate time to assess the materials submitted by RegisterHere and contribute to the eventual report.

RegisterHere?s election verification technology, RHTi, is a licensable application-programming interface (API) for electronic voting machines that meets the specific requirements outlined in the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the California?s recent Touch Screen Task Force Report. RHTi is based on patent-pending cryptographic protocols that provide voter and results verification.

About RegisterHere

RegisterHere, Inc. is a global software company, delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1996. RegisterHere offers its partners innovative, secure, reliable, user-friendly e-voting solutions to support the growth of e-enabled elections that maintain privacy and ensure election verification. For more information about RegisterHere, visit the company?s website at

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