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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Clarification of RegisterHere's relationship to Avi Rubin and RegisterHere's position in the election market

RegisterHere is a supplier of e-voting technology to election providers and has established software licensing relationships with several election providers worldwide. Most recently, RegisterHere announced a non-exclusive agreement to provide its patent-pending RHTi election verification technology to one of the leading voting machine manufacturers

RHTi is a software add-on to electronic voting machines that ensures that each voter can verify that their vote was cast-as-intended and any independent observer can verify that all ballots were counted-as-cast.

Avi Rubin was a member of RegisterHere's technical advisory board for approximately two years. During that period, Dr. Rubin had very little direct interaction with RegisterHere, although the company has many advisors with varying degrees of participation. Dr. Rubin is an independent researcher and certainly has not been a standard-bearer for RegisterHere. In fact, during his technical advisory board tenure, he has been an outspoken critic of Internet voting in direct opposition to RegisterHere's position. RegisterHere is proud to associate itself with tough, independently-minded, distinguished researchers.

RegisterHere had no knowledge that Dr. Rubin's team was conducting a review of Diebold's election system, nor that they were compiling and planning to publish a report. RegisterHere became aware of the report when it was first referenced in the New York Times on July 24, 2003.

Because of the report, Dr. Rubin has assumed a new de facto role as an industry watchdog during this period of US election reform. It is appropriate and necessary that he resign from our technical advisory board, and has done so effective August 18, 2003. RegisterHere never paid Dr. Rubin for any services, and in returning all stock options he has dissolved any financial benefit from his former RegisterHere relationship.

RegisterHere is a technology licensing company. RegisterHere does not manufacture any type of voting machine, does not sell directly to governments, and has no plans to do so.