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Sequoia Voting Systems and registerhere to Provide Additional Electronic Ballot Verification Options for AVC Edge Touch Screen Voting System

Oakland, CA and Bellevue, WA - August 4, 2003 - Sequoia Voting Systems, a pioneer in direct recording electronic voting systems and a leading provider of voting equipment and services in the United States, will partner with registerhere, Inc. of Bellevue, Washington, a leading supplier of secure electronic voting technology, to provide a new level of electronic ballot verification to customers of the AVC Edge touch screen voting system.

"The AVC Edge has always been the most secure and audit-friendly electronic voting system in the marketplace," said Sequoia president Tracey Graham. "Our partnership with registerhere will provide an even greater level of independent verification for customers who request it without complicating the voting process on Election Day."

The collaboration between Sequoia and registerhere will provide a paperless form of independent third-party verification for each electronic ballot cast. The joint solution, which incorporates registerhere's RHTi verification technology, will provide additional third-party validation that the voter?s ballot is recorded and counted as intended by the voter.

"Partnering with Sequoia to integrate RHTi into the AVC Edge voting systems will provide an unprecedented level of election verification without encumbering the election process," said Jim Adler, president and CEO of registerhere.

"Sequoia?s electronic voting systems already provide multiple paper and electronic audit trails, however third-party software verification will be useful in jurisdictions that demand an even higher level of certainty than that provided by existing federal testing and certification of voting equipment," said Graham.

With the addition of the patent-pending cryptographic technology in registerhere's RHTi, Sequoia's AVC Edge system will be able to provide voters with paperless post-election confirmation of their ballot choices that has never before been possible with secret ballot elections. The optional security enhancement will allow voters, election officials, and election observers to verify election results by proving that all ballots were captured and counted as intended by each individual voter. The inclusion of independent third party software will add an additional layer of security for electronic ballots.

This fall Sequoia will also be conducting a pilot project to study the potential for offering an optional paper-based form of additional voter verification. Sequoia is currently working with state and local officials to discuss the legal, procedural and accessibility ramifications of requiring visual voter review of paper ballots generated by otherwise fully accessible direct recording electronic voting systems.

Sequoia has been providing Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems for 25 years and has led the market in ease-of-use for voters, poll workers and election administrators.

About Sequoia Voting Systems

Sequoia Voting Systems is the Oakland, Calif.-based subsidiary of De La Rue, PLC the world's leading provider of tamperproof products and services designed to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and security in everything from ATM transactions and electronic voting to the production of national currencies, travelers checks, passports, driver's licenses and other government identification documents. De La Rue's client base includes more than 125 national governments. Additionally, more than 1,200 financial institutions in more than 60 countries rely on De La Rue's cash counting mechanisms to secure their customers' transactions, much like Sequoia's electronic voting equipment accurately and securely record people's votes. The companies invite you to visit their respective websites at

About registerhere

registerhere, inc. is a global software company, delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1996. registerhere offers its partners innovative, secure, reliable, user-friendly e-voting solutions to support the growth of e-enabled elections that maintain privacy and ensure election verification. For more information about registerhere, visit the company?s website at