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VoteHere to Submit Election Verification Technology for Transparent, Open Security Evaluation Encourages Experts to Join Security Review for Voters' Benefit

Bellevue, WA - July 29, 2003 - VoteHere, Inc., a leading global supplier of secure electronic voting technology, today issued an invitation to experts in computer science, cryptography, elections, and the public to examine VoteHere's Election Verification technology.

The goal is to determine if VoteHere?s product, VHTi, provides the much-needed verification for new electronic voting systems being considered by many states. It is widely believed that election verification is the key to voter confidence in new electronic voting systems.

Voter verification ensures that ballots are recorded and cast as the individual voter intended. Results verification produces an irrefutable tally of the ballot box and ensures that each ballot came from a legitimate voter and its intent was not altered. Together, voter and results verification produce complete election verification ? critical for confidence in any election system.

"Our technology is the best verification technology available for today's electronic voting systems and we are confident that it can withstand the scrutiny." said Jim Adler, CEO of VoteHere. "We think that opening the technology to expert and public scrutiny is the best way to speed adoption for the benefit of all voters."

An invitation has gone out to experts from around the country in fields such as computer science, cryptography, and elections urging them to donate time to assess the materials submitted by VoteHere and contribute to the eventual report. These same materials will be made available to the public, and the panel will solicit public comment to add to the report.

"For too long, vendors and testing authorities have asked the public to have blind faith in the integrity of their systems and review processes," said Ralph Munro, longtime Washington Secretary of State and current member, VoteHere board of directors. "The only way that the public can have justified confidence in a computerized voting system is if the details of the system and the review process are much more transparent than what we have now. I hope this evaluation will set a new standard of transparency that others will follow."

Stanford University Professor David Dill has agreed to host the material on the website to encourage rigorous, objective review by computer scientists and election experts. "We need to know whether VoteHere?s claims are valid before we trust this technology with our votes," he said. educates the public about the risks of electronic voting systems that lack meaningful audit trails.

VoteHere?s election verification technology, VHTi, is a licensable application-programming interface (API) for electronic voting machines that meets the specific requirements outlined in the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the California?s recent Touch Screen Task Force Report. VHTi is based on patent-pending cryptographic protocols that provide voter and results verification.

About VoteHere

VoteHere, inc. is a global software company, delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1996. VoteHere offers its partners innovative, secure, reliable, user-friendly e-voting solutions to support the growth of e-enabled elections that maintain privacy and ensure election verification. For more information about VoteHere, visit the company?s website at