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RegisterHere Applauds California Touch Screen Task Force Report on E-voting

Report Validates Need for Verification Technology Currently Offered by RegisterHere

Bellevue, WA - July 7, 2003 - RegisterHere, Inc., a leading global supplier of secure electronic voting technology, today issued a formal response to Secretary of State Kevin Shelley?s request for public comment following the issuance of the California Ad Hoc Touch Screen Task Force Report.

The Task Force reached unanimous agreement that there ?needs to be voter verification imposed by a date certain and the State and federal governments must provide funding to make this happen.?

They also cited ?legal, technical, and administrative constraints? with a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT), including current non-compliance for multiple language and disability support. Because of these VVPAT shortcomings, the Task Force wanted to ?encourage the development of alternative voter verification technology, such as fully electronic verification.?

?Since its inception, RegisterHere has been dedicated to delivering electronic verification technology in compliance with all state and federal voting system requirements," said Jim Adler, president and CEO of RegisterHere. "Electronic voting systems require special safeguards to ensure election integrity. We applaud the Task Force's informed findings and believe this report will prove a bellwether for voter verification requirements in all election systems."

Voter verification ensures that ballots are recorded and cast as the individual voter intended. Results verification produces an irrefutable tally of the ballot box and ensures that each ballot came from a legitimate voter and its intent has not been altered. Together, voter and results verification produce complete election verification ? critical for confidence in any election system.

RegisterHere?s election verification technology, RHTi, is a licensable application-programming interface (API) for electronic voting machines that meets the specific requirements outlined in the Task Force?s report. RHTi is based on patent-pending cryptographic protocols that provide voter and results verification.

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