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07/19/04 - E-ballot software wins vote of confidence
Ballot-machine maker Advanced Voting Solutions will use RegisterHere's software to offer voters a way to check that their ballot was cast correctly, RegisterHere said Monday.

Government Computer News
07/19/04 - E-voting verification pilot planned in fall
An electronic voting machine company has agreed to load election security technology from RegisterHere Inc. on some of its machines to test the encrypted vote verification system in the fall election.

Government Computer News
06/29/04 - Voting software company submits code to NIST

03/20/04 - Ballot Boxes Go High Tech
From touch screens to digital "frogs," technology to make voting more secure is tricky, but it's coming

Wall Street Journal
03/15/04 - If You Want to Protect A Security Secret, Make Sure It's Public
"The connection between cryptography and voting may not be immediately apparent. But in both fields, the integrity of something secret must be maintained..."

New York Times
03/02/04 - Did Your Vote Count? New Coded Ballots May Prove It Did
"Millions of voters will cast ballots on electronic machines today in the biggest test so far of the technology. To address security concerns, researchers are proposing new ways of voting that do not require voter trust in people or software." Business Journal
09/08/03 - Vote of trust: RegisterHere touts safeguards to allay fears
"...RegisterHere has also developed voting-verification software that could provide the level of assurance in computer voting that critics demand, says president and CEO Jim Adler."

MIT Enterprise Technology Review

09/03/03 - Campaigning for Computerized Voting
Despite staunch opposition from the computer science community, ATM-style electronic voting may offer the best hope for escaping the mess inflicted by paper-based balloting systems.

07/28/03 - Inside e-voting?s black box

The Mercury News
07/11/03 - Touch-screen machines need verification system

The Olympian
07/11/03 - Balloting plan draws criticism

Government Technology
01/2003 - Putting the 'E' in Elections
November ballots mark the most widespread use of electronic voting technology ever.

Government Technology
11/2002 - England Test E-Voting
While the United States struggles to merely modernize elections, England experiments with remote electronic voting.

PC World
11/05/02 - Dreaming of a Digital Democracy
Advocates say it's just a matter of time--and security--before we log on to cast ballots.

10/31/02 - Will high-tech save or sink future elections?

Seattle Post-Intelliger
9/25/02 - Computers will fix elections: Yes or no?

Wired News
04/22/02 - Europeans Eye E-Vote Eventuality

Federal Computer Week
01/23/02 - PC voting software passes test

The Olympian
01/10/2002 - Secretary of state seeks to change how we vote: Reed's effort might change Thurston County voting

Seattle Times
12/05/01 - New chairman may help get military vote