Register Here



Founded in 1998, RegisterHere, a privately-held company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is an industry leader in secure patented election audit technology. RegisterHere's technology has been used in over 90 elections in the US and Europe, for over 50 worldwide clients and partners, reaching nearly 13 million voters.

Company Highlights

  • As part of a three-year pilot program, RegisterHere has conducted successful binding elections in the United Kingdom in May of 2002 and 2003.
  • In 2002, in the first e-voting public sector vote in the world, over 4,000 voters participated (representing 20% of voters in most wards).
  • In 2003, approximately 25% of the votes were cast electronically, a 75% increase from the year before.
  • In September 2001, RegisterHere partnered with Votia, to allow 8 million voters to elect representatives to the Swedish parliament through e-voting and again in 2003 for the Municipality of Lulea referendum.
  • RegisterHere was the only election company to participate in the groundbreaking California Internet Voting Task Force, and the only corporate member of the Commonwealth of Virginia Overseas and Military Voting Task Force.
  • RegisterHere conducted the first-ever binding e-voting election in US history with the Alaska Republican Party vote in January 2000.
  • In the US, RegisterHere has conducted e-voting pilots for California, Arizona, Washington, and Alaska.